Crochet Fruit Coasters - Free Pattern


Hello! So nice to have you here once again to learn new crochet patterns that make all the difference in your home decor, and this time it couldn’t be different, let’s make Crochet Fruit Coasters. Coasters are indispensable items when we are going to prepare a well decorated table for special meals.

Using crochet coasters at home is excellent to make it cozier and to preserve your furniture. Therefore, this piece cannot be missing from your home. Coaster sizes can vary, so many tips here will help you choose the best model and measurements to meet your expectations. The coaster is a simple and relatively small piece. And the work is finished very quickly because with a few rows it is already possible to see the result.


In addition to being beautiful and complementing the decor at mealtime, you protect the table from water marks and drinks. This pattern is really fun. There are six different fruits, full of charm, that you can use to mark the places at the table, so each guest knows where they left their glass. But remember to make them for the kids too, they will love these fun coasters.

Crochet Fruit Coasters

Image / Pattern / Tutorial: Repeat Crafter Me


Because they are small parts, you don’t need a lot of material. If you have yarn left over from other jobs, it’s a great option to recycle and have new pieces on the table. The choice of yarn is always very important. In the pattern you will find suggestions for brands and types of yarn used. Always remember that the pieces that are used on the tables at mealtime are very likely to get dirty. So, choose good quality threads, which guarantee the durability of the piece.

I really like to receive gifts like this, which are useful. That’s why I always make kits to gift my friends, they love it. The complete pattern of the six fruits is available on Repeat Crafter Me, with all the information, tips and walkthrough. Hope you have fun making the crochet coasters. Tell us here in the comments how it went. See you soon in more patterns, now let’s crochet!