Layers of Charm Quilt


Decorating a children’s room is one of the most fun times when we plan or redesign our home. Depending on the age of your children, they can even help you choose themes, furniture, wallpaper and accessories. The task can be quite complicated, both for the boy’s room and for the girl’s room, but it is still rewarding, here are some tips that we have separated to help you when planning a children’s room decoration. “The bedroom should reflect the child’s world, be its corner and, at the same time, an organized place that makes mom’s life easier when it comes to tidying up”, says Ana Lúcia Adriano, interior designer. In this post we will see more about it and you will learn how to make a wonderful Layers of Charm Quilt.

The children’s taste should be taken into account, after all they are the ones who will sleep, play and spend most of the time in the room, just be careful with the exaggerations in the requests of the little ones so that the environment is not overloaded. But if you have space to make a playroom, why not? The decoration of a children’s room should contain this space for the child to gain the habit of studying or drawing, for example, in a suitable place.


And, to have everything in place, you can also use a bedroom countertop or bedroom shelves. You can also put a small closet to complement the decor and organize the children’s room, this will help a lot. In many projects, the bunk bed with desk for a child’s room is the ideal solution to optimize space.


Free Pattern Available: Layers of Charm Quilt

Do not obstruct the window with furniture for children’s rooms or curtains for rooms that are heavy, invest in lighting for the table and indirect lighting as well. This is important from the nursery. A cool tip for children’s bedroom curtains is to invest in very light models or that have fun prints that match the style of the bedroom decor, so you get a room with an incredible decor. Put things in the children’s room that stimulate children’s creativity and interest. Maps, blackboard paint on the wall, lamp, in addition to toys are great for this.

The Montessori room technique has been used a lot these days due to everything it provides. It consists of leaving a stimulating environment, which favors the expression of your abilities through learning from your own experiences. The style of the Montessori bedroom can be a good inspiration, especially if you want to encourage the independence of your little one. The smaller your child is, the more detailed your safety check should be. No sharp pieces, no materials that can hurt, and especially no small pieces that can be taken apart.

Bet on decorative pillows to complement the decor of the room and, if possible, invest in a planned wardrobe. An important tip is that you should take proper care of your little ones so they don’t get hurt, some care like the shelves and curtains. Children can try to hang and fall. Tell them early so they don’t play there. It is important that all windows and balconies have bars or strong protection nets. Always leave the appliance wires wrapped properly, with wire organizers or in channels, avoiding risks of shock and hanging. This goes for strings for blinds and curtains too.

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