Happy Blanket


The execution of an architectural project begins with the survey of the land and ends with the definitions of the finishes. For this reason, both architects and people passionate about decoration should learn about some construction techniques to facilitate the moment of choosing any element that will compose the residence. And one of those choices, if not the most requested by the residents, is the swimming pool, which values ​​any residential leisure area. in this post you will see some of the characteristics of the fiber pool and learn how to make a beautiful Happy Blanket:

What is the difference between the fiber pool and masonry?
The construction period for a masonry pool is longer than the fiber one, since the first one has a customized format that fits any size of land. This type of pool also creates the freedom to add details in it like infinite edge, waterfalls, benches, inserts on the edges and among other details.


The fiber pool has a faster and simpler installation, as it is pre-molded. Another difference is that this model does not require as much maintenance and cleaning, thanks to its smooth surface. Unlike masonry, which often accumulates residues between tablets that need to be cleaned.


Free Pattern Available: Happy Blanket

Advantages of fiber pool

1 Durability Fiber pools can last up to 20 years, as long as they are well maintained, cared for and made with high quality material. So look for a good supplier to avoid future problems. 2 Easy installation, The fiber pool comes ready to be fitted to the terrain structure, so just fix it in place and you’re done! 3 Flexibility, The market offers several formats and sizes that can be adapted to any type of space.

There are the small ones, the bigger ones, round ones, with curves, straight lines, with unevenness, etc. The only disadvantage in opting for a fiber pool is to observe the space available for its movement to the terrain. As the fiber pool is transported by truck, access to the installation site must be free so that it can be safely discharged.

Price: how much does a fiber pool cost?
The price of a fiber pool costs between $ 1898.57 to $ 5933.03. This variation depends on the size of the pool and the region in which it is sold. The monthly maintenance cost is about $ 18.99. If you are looking for a quick, high quality piece with a beautiful pool in the backyard, this is the best option!

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