Misdirection Quilt


A crucial part of the bathroom that is often overlooked during decoration is the bathroom stall. In addition to being part of the decoration, the bathroom stall is of great importance to maintain the organization of the environment. The bathroom stall is responsible for blocking the water that comes out of the shower and keeping it within an area that is easy to drain into the drain. We have separated in this article some incredible bathroom box tips for you to decorate this space with beauty, style and personality and even the pattern of a beautiful Misdirection Quilt. Take advantage of our ideas and make a project that matches your home decor!

Even though it is a part with a specific function, we cannot leave the choice of the bathroom stall to the margins of the project. The right choice allows you to maintain unity and beauty in your bathroom, which is incredible because the shower box must match the rest of the bathroom composition. Think of the simple bathroom as a whole, its coverings, such as bathroom ceramics, windows, furniture and bathroom sinks.


There are several types of shower stalls for modern bathrooms, but you need to choose which is best for you and your pocket so pay attention to that.

Prices tend to vary according to the size, design and material of the chosen box. To save money on small decorated bathrooms, many people opt for plastic curtains, which are usually hung on a rail that divides the bathroom.


Free Pattern Available: Misdirection Quilt

This solution is indicated if your bathroom has close walls and the shower is in the last part of it. There are quite sophisticated models in this style, which vary the type of fabric and can provide you with beautiful results. The bathroom stall influences the aesthetics of the environment and needs to be chosen with great discretion, as there are a wide variety of materials and finishes on the market. The space between the walls of the room determines the type of shower door opening for the bathroom.

In small bathrooms, give preference to the box with a sliding door with two or three leaves to facilitate the entrance of users in the shower. The bathroom box needs to be functional and easy to clean your doors and frames at the end, a clean bathroom is everything. The bathroom stall with bathtub can be placed on the side so that the water does not overflow and wet the entire room. For you who have a large and wide bathroom and do not like glass or acrylic bathroom stalls, it is possible to make a half wall of glass blocks to divide the areas.

The acrylic bathroom stall is very light and cheaper, too. A lot of people think that there are only dark models, but there are acrylic boxes that are light and do not leave the bathroom dark, besides leaving it with an incredible touch. Many people even choose to use adhesive for shower stalls in order to make the environment more relaxed. There are boxes with an opening door that look like normal doors, but are usually made of glass.

The hinges are metallic and well designed and the handle can be circular or bar. For this type of box, it is necessary to have space to open the door without problems or obstacles, which demands a correct choice of bathroom tiles. If your bathroom is small and you would like a glass shower, the shower door with sliding doors may be ideal for you, it will fit perfectly. It can have one or two sliding doors that are fixed and have an easy roller bearing.

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