Threadology Quilt Along


Each person finds their own way to relax. Listening to music, reading, watching television, meditating … In short, relaxing is finding peace in something pleasant and comforting. That which energizes the body and the soul. What does this have to do with ambient lighting? All! Relaxation is the physical and psychological rest of the human being. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Threadology Quilt Along.

To achieve that rest at home, there is nothing better than working in environments designed for that purpose so that you are even more comfortable. The composition of the relaxation environment is as important as putting on comfortable clothing. And good lighting is as important as the chair you love.


Ideally, lighting for environments should be planned together with the design of the environment, so remember this. Thus, you have more options for lighting solutions and also luminaire models. It is possible to follow some basic precepts to make your corner very comfortable, without having to carry out a renovation in the house.

First of all, it is important that you have more than one point of light, remember this too. If you have only one central lighting spot in the room and you do not intend to renovate the place, you will need to complement the lighting with lamps, floor lamps and other features.


If you can put a plaster lining, the possibilities are greatly increased, so keep that in mind. You can work indirect lighting with crown moldings and cornices. These solutions promote very pleasant lighting because they do not direct light to the eyes. Then, check the possibility of separating the circuits to be able to create different scenes within the same environment. This will allow you to separate activities without having to change locations.

The room, for example, can serve as an office during the day and a reading space at night, and even become a party place at the weekend, which helps a lot and is incredible. So, have options to change the face of the environment with a simple touch of the switch. Pay attention to the color temperature of the lamps. While neutral white is the most recommended for work, warm white brings more coziness for relaxation.

Prefer lamps that are around 3000K and keep the packaging to ensure a correct buyback. The amber color also helps to relax, keep that in mind. RGB can be chosen by chromotherapy fans, which is great too. The final touch for creating comfortable spaces at home is dimming.

It allows each user to adjust the lighting level for the chosen activity, which helps a lot. Now, if you really want to invest in lighting for your home environments, you can count on professionals specialized in the subject for a bespoke project. They will be able to indicate the best solutions for your home.

Free Pattern Available: Threadology Quilt Along