Blazing Table Runner


Making a table runner quilt is a fun and rewarding project. Here is a basic guide to help you accomplish this task:

Necessary materials:


Fabrics of your choice for table runner pieces
Background fabric for table runner base
Padded blanket or padded interlining
Sewing thread
Sewing needle or sewing machine
Step by step:

Choose fabrics: Select the fabrics you want to use to create the table runner. You can choose a combination of colors, patterns, and textures that match your table decor or reflect your personal style.


Determine dimensions: Decide on the desired size for your table runner. Measure the length of your table and decide how much of the length you want to cover with the table runner. Write down the final dimensions.

Cut the fabrics: Using the ruler and scissors, cut the fabrics to the desired dimensions for the table runner. Remember to add approximately 1/2-inch seam allowance on all sides.

Assemble the table runner pieces: Arrange the cut fabrics in the desired order to create your table runner design. You can opt for a simple pattern of straight stripes or create a more elaborate design such as blocks or geometric patterns.

Sew the pieces by hand or machine: With the sewing thread and the needle, or using the sewing machine, join the pieces of the table runner. Sew them together, next to each other, lining up the edges precisely. Press the seams with the iron to make them flat.

Prepare the base of the table runner: Place the backing fabric on a flat surface and lay it flat. If you are using a quilted blanket, place it on top of the backing fabric, lining up the corners and edges. If you prefer, you can use a padded interlining, which already has padding built in.

Place the table runner pieces on the base: Place the table runner pieces you sewed on the base, aligning them correctly. Make sure they are centered and straight.

Attach the pieces to the base: Use pins to attach the table runner pieces to the base. Make sure they are aligned correctly and do not move during the sewing process.

Sew the parts to the base: With the sewing thread and needle, or using the sewing machine, sew the table runner parts to the base. Make firm stitches to ensure they are secure. If you are using quilted interlining, it is not necessary to pad the table runner separately.

Finish: Cut off any excess fabric or loose thread. pass to table runner

Finish the edges: Fold the edges of the table runner inward about 1/2 cm and press down with the iron to secure. Then fold the edges again, this time about 1/2-1/2 inch, and press again. This double fold will hide the raw edges and create a neat finish.

Sew the Edges: Using the sewing thread and needle, or the sewing machine, sew along the edges of the table runner to secure the folds and create a sturdy finish. Be sure to sew close to the inside edge of the folds.

Make the final pressing: Iron the table runner to leave it smooth and with a professional finish. Be sure to pay special attention to the edges and corners to ensure they are well defined.

Apply any additional details (optional): If you want to add decorative elements to your table runner, such as embroidery, appliqués or embellishments, now is the time to do so. Unleash your creativity and customize the table runner according to your taste.

Now you have a beautiful table runner quilt to beautify your table! Remember that you can adapt this basic guide to suit your preferences and needs. Enjoy the creative process and have fun making your table runner quilt.