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Floating floor: have you heard? Facing a term like that sounds weird and leaves many people confused, after all, what is this business about floating floors? You may even doubt it, but you’ve certainly seen a lot of floating floor around.

This is because this type of floor is nothing more than laminate and vinyl coverings, so common today. But why did they get that name? Floating floors, such as those mentioned above, are those that do not require glue or mortar to be installed.


The placement is made only by a fitting system leaving the floor loose, or better saying, floating on the subfloor or previous floor. in this post you can learn more about it and also how to make an amazing Hexa-Whirl Crochet.

That is, the floating floor is the best option for those who are looking for a beautiful floor, easy to be applied and that does not generate dirt or debris during installation.


Check out some other advantages of the floating floor, we are sure you will like it: A great advantage of the floating floor, be it laminated or vinyl, is its ability to generate thermal comfort in the environment, something very welcome especially for those who live in regions cold.

Another positive feature of this floor is the sound insulation it provides to the environment.

As the installation is done using a blanket under the floor, the noise and other noises tend to decrease a lot, believe me, and this is great for those who live in an apartment and do not want to disturb the neighbor below with the sound of children or high heels.

Free Pattern Available: Hexa-Whirl Crochet

Uncomplicated installation
As we have already mentioned, the floating floor is very easy and quick to be installed, in addition to not producing dirt, dust or debris, thus not dirtying the environment. However, it is important to have a qualified professional to ensure the perfect placement and fitting of the parts and to have no problems.

It may not look like it, but the floating floor has high strength and durability, as long as it is installed correctly and the cleaning and maintenance instructions are followed strictly. Vinyl flooring, for example, is even suitable for commercial use in places with a large flow of people, its degree of resistance and durability.

Imitates wood
Most laminate and vinyl floors have a color and texture very similar to wood, which is another huge advantage, since this material is one of the main responsible for making the home more welcoming, beautiful and comfortable. You can even choose one of hundreds of different shades for your floor, ranging from the lightest, almost white, to the darkest, reaching a tone close to black.

The price varies depending on the material and the manufacturer of the floating floor. In general, laminated models are more affordable than vinyl ones. To give you an idea, the price per square meter of a laminate floor is around $ 14.01, whereas vinyl flooring costs, on average, $ 18.68 per square meter.

Despite all the advantages, the floating floor has some characteristics that can make it unfeasible depending on the project you have in mind. So it is worth checking the disadvantages of this type of floor: One of the main negative points of the floating floor is the low resistance to humidity. Therefore, the ideal is that it be installed in dry places and environments, that is, away from bathrooms, kitchen or outside areas.

Even though it is considered a floor with excellent acoustics, the floating floor ends up not being very good when it comes to isolating sounds from within the environment. If a bunch of keys fall on the floor, your neighbors won’t hear anything, but you will know exactly which room in the house it fell into just when the keys hit the floor.

Despite having some disadvantages, the floating floor is still an excellent option to make the house more beautiful, elegant and cozy. If you are still not sure about this check out the pictures of environments that bet on using the floating floor, there is a great chance that you will change your mind.

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