Modern Dresden Plate Quilt


Hello friends, we have a beautiful design for you, to add a pop color to your living room, bedroom or wherever you prefer, we can also make colorful covers for pillows that prevail a new look, thus creating any of these home decor projects with Modern Dresden Plate license plates designs.The bright and festive quilt above, Twirling Parasols, features a traditional Dresden sheet quilt design with bold fabric options and some modifications in the technique. This is just one of the ways I will show you how to incorporate a more modern and modern design of Dresden.

The traditional designs of Dresden plaques, as presented in the quilt below, have the characteristic points at the end of the chocks. With a little modification, the traditional one becomes modern!


Modern variations of the Dresden block can also become family heirlooms. This delightful modern Dresden crossing, the Breeze Cushion from the book Fresh Family


Traditions: 18 Leggings of Inheritance for a New Generation, adds a decidedly entertaining touch to the Dresden block.

The petals of Dresden are trimmed to create a “wheel” using a method of applying freezer paper easy to master.

These designs also make fantastic and unique gifts for family and friends, great for gifts. Each time I become more cheerful and in love with all the patterns I make, everything that is done with love and dedication, even if it takes time, is worth it. Here’s a tip for you.

Choose five fabrics and a white background fabric. The tool I used to create the patchwork is the Quilt Creation Model – Dresden Collection. This unique tool provides Dresden board options from 12 “to 40”.

Cut the cross strips to create all the umbrellas and then sew in a stratum. The exact cutting instructions are given in the book Sew Grand Dresden Quilts.


Dare to be bold and daring! A modern upgrade to make a variety of Dresden license plate designs using a single template. The size variations are endless.

You can sew the boards through the machine and mix and match your edge finishes if desired.

There are several ways to make bedspreads with pieces of fabric, but in general, the technique used is very simple and is suitable for both veteran dressmakers and beginners.
With the mission to help you in this project, I leave the link with the wonderful instructions and tips that helped me and the best is Free.

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