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When it comes to wooden decking, that structure around the pool usually comes to mind. But wooden decks can go much further than that and lend their charm, comfort and beauty to other spaces in the house as well. In the outdoor areas, for example, the wooden deck can increase the entrance path or the garden. Imagine still a pergola built on a deck? It would look beautiful too, wouldn’t it? Indoors, balconies are the preferred places for installing wooden decks. In this post you will see more about it and learn how to make an incredible Inside Out Wall Hanging.

But with a little creativity you can take the structure to bathrooms, bedrooms and even to the walls of the house. Yes that’s right! Decks can line the walls, especially when the idea is to create a vertical garden, very popular in today’s homes. Check below what types of wooden decks are used, how to make wooden decks and the necessary care to keep your deck always beautiful:


Wooden Deck Types
There are two types of wooden decks to choose from. The most common and used are the modular wooden decks. This deck model is sold in plates with a male and female fitting, they are easy to install and do not require specialized labor, that is, you can do all the work at home yourself and it will be easy and fast.


Free Crochet Pattern: Inside Out Wall Hanging

Modular decks can be used both outdoors and indoors. The traditional deck models are those made by individual wooden rulers, fitted one by one on a previously assembled structure. In this case, it is recommended to hire specialized labor to ensure the correct placement of the deck, as there may be complications if you try to assemble it yourself. It is also worth mentioning that traditional decks must be made with wood of the Ipê, Jatobá, Angelim and Itaúba type, as they are more resistant. Another significant difference between these two deck models is the price.

The modular deck tends to be more economically advantageous, since the price of each 30 × 30 cm board costs, on average, $ 4.10. That is, to cover a square meter you will spend about $ 18.23. The traditional model, on the other hand, can cost $ 56.97 per m², not counting the cost of labor required to install this deck. Tips and care for the wooden deck. Before buying the deck, take the measurements of the place to know precisely the amount of rulers or wooden boards needed for your project; The deck, whether modular or traditional, must be waterproofed.

The best option is stain, because in addition to waterproofing the wood, the product also protects against UV rays, insects and mold. Another advantage of stain is that it is easier to apply. The varnish, however, protects only from water, so it is not so useful. In both cases the recommendation is to perform maintenance every year; When planning the decoration for the wooden deck, look for something as cozy and comfortable as possible. The tip is to abuse plants, futons and pillows for this space, so that the deck is always ready to receive and accommodate those who arrive, thus helping even in the decoration.

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