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Have you ever thought about the ideal type of bathroom cabinet for your home? After all, the closet is the most important piece of furniture in a bathroom. That’s because, in addition to the crockery and the shower, the closet is an item that cannot be missed when thinking about furnishing this room. It doesn’t matter if it is a toilet or a complete bathroom, the cabinets are where we keep our hygiene items, from toothpaste, to shampoo, bath towel and toilet paper stock. Apart from these essential items, some things like makeup and secondary products are usually kept in this place. In this post you will see more about this subject and learn how to make a beautiful Binding Tool Star Quilt.

Although the cabinets under the sink are the most used, nowadays there are several ideas on the market that fit in the most varied types of bathrooms (whether they are small or very spacious), such as wall cabinets or other auxiliary cabinets, such as wheel drawers .


Some items in the house need certain standards of measurement, height and more, to suit most people and ensure comfortable use. This is the case with bathroom counters and the sink, which has a standard measure to maintain the principles of ergonomics, suggested by designers and architects.

Installation is very simple: the idea is that, regardless of the type of sink, tub or cabinet, the surface of the washbasin must be at a height of 90 cm from the floor, before something is done if everything is planned, what will be the height of the object, the length, the width and more.


Free Pattern Available: Binding Tool Star Quilt

Bathroom cabinets can be varied in terms of styles, sizes, materials and even functionality, extending over an extensive range of possibilities sold both in standard furniture stores, from articles for construction and renovation, to carpentry and planned furniture stores. depending on the model you plan to use. Therefore, depending on the space you have and the type of decoration you want to make, it is worth thinking carefully about the possibilities that the different types of cabinets can offer for the decoration and organization of the bathroom.

Organization time: doors, niches and drawers
When thinking about what type of cabinet to choose, it is always interesting to think about the materials that will be kept in this place and what style of decoration you want to propose for the environment. This will help you to define if the best type of cabinet for you is the one with more drawers, shelves or niches, whether or not you can have doors among other factors that are very important when choosing. For those who have many decorative objects or want to follow a style that uses utilitarian objects as decoration, the niches are the most suitable: rolled towels, soaps in different formats and pots with a more interesting design, the show leaves the bathroom with that face of Spa or Hotel.

But for those who want a more minimalist and modern style, without showing many ornaments, perhaps putting doors in the cupboards is what will please you the most, since they hide the accumulation of items and the possible mess. Regardless of doors or niches, it is always recommended to have at least one drawer in your closet to store more personal items such as toothbrush and hair brush, for example, and other items that should not be so exposed in your bathroom. But for those who prefer the compartmentalization system by type of item in the drawers, there are cabinets in a more contemporary style made only with this system. There are many ways to organize a bathroom cabinet, all you need to do is let your imagination fly.

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