Dusty Snowflake Afghan


The long pink bedroom has been synonymous with an exclusive children’s room for girls, but today we can find decorating ideas that work this color very well in environments for all ages. In the decoration of a house the room is an environment in which one must be very careful in the choices of style and color, after all this is where we will have moments of rest and relaxation to recover the energies spent during the day. In this post we will see more about it and you will learn how to make a beautiful Dusty Snowflake Afghan.

The pink color is associated with romanticism, youth and color psychology is related to the sensations of affection, protection and sensitivity, so it can be a great choice for the room to give an idea of ​​coziness to this environment. Before choosing a color for your room it is always important to know its meaning and the effects it causes.


In today’s post we will talk a little about the various styles and shades that a pink room can have, so you can quietly choose the right shade of pink you want to use in your room, so how about we continue?


Free Pattern Available: Dusty Snowflake Afghan

Since 2016, when “Rose Quartz” was chosen as the color of the year by Pantone, a reference in color cataloging for the industry, the various shades of pink have come back as a trend in interior decoration, whether as wall covering, coatings, furniture and accessories of all kinds it always goes well with everything. This is why pink is no longer a color for doll-inspired or fairy-tale children’s rooms, but a different color for contemporary environments as a basic color that can be used with a different palette.

For this, the lighter shades such as rose quartz, millennial rose and the more intimate shades of pink work to keep the atmosphere childish and combine with colors considered more serious such as gray, navy and blue. gilded flowers help to make for a more sophisticated and very beautiful adult environment as well.

Already the more vibrant shades like pink, bring a younger and refreshing air to the room in which they are used, with them the turquoise, lime green or flag green, canary yellow, orange and red create a tropical and cheerful effect in the décor.

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