Botanica Blanket Free Crochet Pattern


The glass can make up the decoration of the buildings in different ways. Whether in the structural part in the form of doors, windows and partitions or complementing the finish of different furniture in the house, office or commercial space. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Botanica Blanket.

However, due to the variety of glasses on the market, it is normal for doubts to arise about which is the best model for the environment you want to decorate. And among so many options, today, we will get to know corrugated glass better.


But, after all, what is corrugated glass? This and other questions will be answered throughout this content that we have separated for you. Get to know the characteristics of corrugated glass up close and discover how this type of glass can transform the decoration of your space. Get inspired by several projects that made use of corrugated glass!

Corrugated glass is a model of printed glass obtained through the drawing of smooth glass, that is, throughout its manufacturing process, different heat exchanges occur at specific points on its surface that allow the appearance of “ripples” seen by the eye naked that we love so much.


This relief and texture obtained from this heat exchange process is also known as cinnamon, hence the name corrugated glass, now you know where it comes from. Its classic design and undulations do not go unnoticed in the environment. In decoration, the corrugated glass in addition to inhibiting the direct entry of natural light, brings privacy to the space.

In one of the projects we saw, we found that corrugated glass was used both for finishing cabinets and for the sliding door that separates the kitchen from the laundry area. Contrary to what many people think, there are several types of corrugated glass on the market, which gives you a great choice. This variation is provided by the different types of colors that the corrugated glass can take, which are: colorless, bronze and smoked corrugated glass.

The versatility of corrugated glass is eye-catching, believe me. Therefore, it is not surprising that the different types of corrugated glass (colorless, bronze and smoked) can be used in various spaces of a property, whether composing the structures of a certain room serving as partitions, or even being part of the finishing of certain furniture such as, for example, kitchen cabinets made with corrugated glass doors, which are also very beautiful.

In a simplified way, corrugated glass can be present in the form of integrated room dividers, in the structure of static or sliding doors and windows, in the bathroom stall, on storefronts and in the finishing of furniture such as multipurpose cabinet, glass cabinet, sideboard , buffet and closet, which helps a lot.

Free Pattern Available: Botanica Blanket