Dashing Quilt


In the decoration of our house we usually choose a color chart to be used or even a color to highlight. This depends on several factors, from color psychology to our personal taste. That is why today we are going to talk about the decoration of a room that doesn’t get that much attention, but that can look amazing in one of the most popular colors in the world: blue. In this post you will see more about blue bathroom decor and learn how to make a beautiful Dashing Quilt:

Blue color psychology
According to psychology and color theory, blue tones, linked in nature mainly to the sky and the sea, are always associated with serenity, relaxation, infinity, stability and depth, precisely for these reasons these colors are widely used today in day. These sensations are certainly great to be connected to various rooms in our house, including the bathroom.


After all, a bath is the perfect time to relax after a stressful day at work, in that very relaxing warm water. Blue bathroom: how to apply color in the decoration. You will notice that in most bathrooms, what brings color is mainly what you choose to put on the wall and floor:


Free Pattern Available: Dashing Quilt

be it floors or ceramic tiles, porcelain tiles, glass tiles, acrylic paint, epoxy or latex, there are several options you can choose from and today there is an almost infinite catalog of colors in which they are available for this! In the case of paints, it can be even more difficult to choose, as some companies have color systems that can be customized, so be very careful when making your choice of colors.

But the bathroom can seem very cold and lifeless if it doesn’t have a decoration that looks like you, even when it’s more colorful. Therefore, the choice of decorative elements, from benches, chandeliers and taps to pots and towels are super important to make your bathroom look exactly the way you want, you must pay attention to each one of these small details if you want your bathroom stay the way you expect.

Our tip is: play with the colors, either in different shades of blue or with different colors. Yellow gives an incredible highlight to blue; orange, as the opposite-complementary color, makes a pair for anyone to defect. But we must not forget white, which works as a clear tone that calls out the light and leaves the environment with a more hygienic and beautiful climate, test yourself, we are sure that you will love the result.

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