Marsha's Whimsical Bloomers


In this post I bring novelties for all of you, we will learn to do an incredible job, besides being a custom quilt. Marsha made the top quilt using a Kim Diehl – Late Bloomers pattern.

She named it for her “Whimsical Bloomers” quilt. Both screwed and handmade – and well done, I might add! First, I had a project based on transparent actions in the areas to be filled. I leave some photos of this Marsha pattern with the color options.


We also tested some topic choices. So let’s start and share with you this beautiful pattern from among the many that exist, starting at the top and going down to the end of the quilt.

Sew as close as possible to the applied elements with the invisible line that doing so makes it really highlight the details in the quilt. We chose a spoon top so thin.


So thin for dense bedspreads – it’s a 50-thread polyester yarn that looks like cotton. It suited this quilt perfectly. This really stands out in the quilt. Then some echoing and filling.


Who does not go crazy to enjoy the warmth of the house in this cold? When lowering the thermometers, the decoration of your home, like your wardrobe, requires some adjustments. And you do not even need a fireplace!

Warm and comfortable items already make all the difference, like bedspreads, blankets and blankets, which go very well, there is no one who does not like. You can use it not only in the bedrooms, but adding that “cozy” touch to your living room, sofa or armchair, or even giving away.

Quilts are much sought after by the end of the year, there is no season. And every time we see that the winters have been raised is a way to make more quilt and enjoy even to publicize their work to anyone who does jobs to sell.


This Marsha’s Whimsical Bloomers quilt is a mix of flowers with triangles and this blend gave a fantastic result. To do it you can use the colors you prefer by combining it or leaving it colored to look more beautiful for children.

SID maintains these ideas and enhances the overall look of the collection. This quilt does a little more work, but it’s worth it – in my humble opinion, because the result is fantastic.

Well let’s learn the basics and below I leave the free step by step pattern to do this beautiful job. Share with all your friends who love hand jobs and who want to learn and improve their skills or improve their sales. Take advantage even to promote your work to those who do work to sell.

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➜ Free Pattern Atep by Step – Marsha’s Whimsical Bloomers