Windows Quilt Lighthouse


The living room is one of the most special rooms in the house. And where you get friends and family, watch TV and relax a little. The living room is also a great place to reflect the personality of those who live in the house. For all these reasons, small room décor should be thought of and planned so that, besides being comfortable, it is beautiful and cozy. In the case of small rooms, care must be taken even more so that the place has above all functionality. Follow our tips and get inspired when planning your room. In this post you will learn more about it and you will still learn how to make a beautiful Windows Quilt Lighthouse.

Small Room Decorating Tips
1. Personality is key
No matter how big your room is, there is always room for you to add that touch of personality, leaving the atmosphere with your face just the way you like it. Therefore, invest in picture frames, family or antique objects, travel souvenirs, paintings and other objects that convey your values ​​and passions.


But do not forget that these items should come only as a detail. Otherwise, you overload the space and instead bring personality creates a visual mess, which detracts from the decor. In addition to objects, there are other ways you can expose your identity. This is the subject of the next items.


Free Available Pattern: Windows Quilt Lighthouse

2. Choose the right color palette
The (right) colors are also crucial when decorating the room. Choose a color palette that suits you and your personality and use it on walls, carpet, curtains, cushions, sofas, and on display objects. Just be careful not to become a carnival. The colors should come in balanced doses and in the same shade. When in doubt opt ​​for sober colors in furniture and larger pieces such as rugs and curtains, and leave vibrant colors for smaller objects. For small environments, always keep in mind that light tones give the feeling of spaciousness to the space. Especially white, so it’s always a good idea to use them.

3. Comfort and functionality to measure
In small spaces, furniture needs to offer comfort and functionality. You can’t lose space for objects that are of no use. So invest in a comfortable sofa that welcomes your visitors as well as you after a tiring day, where your only desire is to stretch out on the couch and rest. If you are using coffee tables, opt for those that have compartments so you can store objects or organize remote controls, for example. Another option is to use TV panels instead of bulky racks and shelves, they save space and give a touch of modernity to the decor making it much more beautiful.

And don’t forget to opt for a television befitting the space you have available. No TVs too big for very small rooms. And remember, the ideal distance between the device and the sofa is 1.5 meters, neither closer nor further.

4. Rugs and curtains
Choose a tall rug that welcomes your feet and fits in the center of your room, but not too large in size. Striped rugs help increase the feeling of space. But if rugs don’t fit your style, don’t worry. If your floor is in good condition and in the same visual pattern, let it appear. You get a sense of continuity and space.

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