Dunster's Jared takes a Wife Quilt Pattern


Dunster’s Jared takes the Wife Quilt is a simple job that looks great and is very cheap, a technique used by many artisans for the beautiful end result. The colors of your quilt will depend on your taste. Choose according to the decoration of the room you want to place it.

Browsing home goods stores, you can see a multitude of objects, at all prices and capable of making any decoration more interesting. Most are the result of a mass production, which disregards any particularity of its users, thus generalizing their tastes and needs.


Now, should a beautiful bedroom quilt, handmade by you, be rated the same as these products?
Answer: no.


Why? Well, an item designed by some unknown, factory-made, and one made by you must be evaluated in different ways.

The second was done with more delicacy and love. It is a translation of your tastes; the portrait of your personality and your preferences. He reveals part of his talents and time spent on a project that involved a lot of dedication, sweat and love.

Because many of the pieces made by hand are also like this. They convey a message of great love and unparalleled affection on them; and are considered beautiful precisely for this reason, leaving the house more charming and interesting.

This Dunster’s Jared takes the Wife Quilt is perfect for decorating your bed or sofa, making you more beautiful, delicate and cozy !!!

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Free Pattern PDF: Dunster’s Jared takes a Wife Quilt Pattern