Kukka Bedspread


Considering the current way of living, all spaces in a residence have their importance and use guaranteed. However, the living room remains the calling card of any home. Noble space, which soon “catches the eye” of those who arrive, the room certainly deserves a planned decoration, combining functionality and aesthetics in the most harmonious way possible. When the space is small, good planning involving furniture and decorative pieces is necessary to avoid unpleasant surprises, such as the armchair that did not fit or the coffee table that seriously compromised circulation. In this post we will see more about this subject and you will learn how to make an incredible Kukka Bedspread.

Measuring the environment and the furniture you already have and intend to take advantage of, is certainly a good start, as we always say, always take the correct measures so that there is no problem. Making a drawing (floor plan), with all the pieces of furniture that will integrate this space, will help you to realize your ideas and make more conscious layout changes. Pay attention to the proportionality of size between the pieces and overcome the temptation to put everything you think beautiful or see in decoration magazines.


Remember: the less furniture in the room, the lighter the environment will be and, consequently, it will appear larger, this is very important. Circulation is another fundamental aspect to consider. A minimum space of 60 cm must be maintained so that moving around your room does not involve effort or the possibility of injuring yourself by hitting furniture.

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Next step: adopt a style. Especially in the case of small environments, opt for a clean reference, such as the modern and minimalist style, for example, which are beautiful styles and very much in demand today. The fact that they have straight lines and less information will contribute to the feeling of being in a bigger and cleaner environment visually. Mixing styles is also a possibility, especially if your room is large. There it is worth using that piece of furniture that belonged to your grandmother and that will establish a harmonious counterpoint in a cleaner decoration.

Panning old pieces at fairs and antique shops is also an option for those who want to add personality to their decor. As important as the items above, leaving an environment with the face of the homeowner is also a challenge, but what is life without challenges isn’t it? Invest in family relics and valuables, such as those brought from travel, for example. Photo frames, picture frames and works of art also deserve to be explored. Just make sure that the final result expresses good taste and balance.

Finally, when choosing colors, it is always important to keep in mind that the whites guarantee a feeling of spaciousness and do not compromise the rest of the decoration. A neutral color can be perfectly combined with other neutral colors or with a more vibrant palette, which already helps you a lot. If you like bright colors, reserve them for details like cushions and ornaments, or apply in one piece, such as an armchair or small sofa. The result tends to be very good, just make sure that the vibrant color piece communicates with other items.

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