How To Do A Fashion Knit Coat (Video Tutorial)


Knitting is a technique for interweaving yarn (wool or other textile fiber) in an organized manner, creating a cloth that, because of its texture and elasticity, is called knitting or simply knitting, isn’t it cool ?

The knitting can be done manually, with two needles that, in addition to providing the correct interweaving of the thread (creating each stitch), accommodate the knitting knit already woven.Knitting can also be done through own machines which are called knitting machines, which also results in a cloth very similar to manually woven knit.


It is very likely that the technique was born in ancient Egypt where the interlacing was done with the help of some bones or wood.


The Belgians took the technique to the English where women developed it to produce socks and scarves to protect their husbands and children during the long cold of winter.

They used pure wool yarn that they produced themselves. So even today knitting is related to winter, which technology has reinvented, also taking it to summer knits through light and appropriate yarns, today’s technology is amazing.

Knitting Allows The Fabric To Be Undone Quickly Unlike Other Weaving Processes. Today We Bring To You The Super Fashion Knit Coat, It Is Super Beautiful, Incredibly Warm, Cozy And It Will Make You Look So Beautiful That Your Friends Will Ask You For One Of This!!!!