Orange Quilt Crochet Blanket


Anyone who wants to completely change the look of a room knows that painting one or two walls in different colors will transform the environment entirely without the need for major renovations. Whenever possible, hire a professional with experience in house painting to help you with this task, but if you want to roll up your sleeves and paint your walls yourself, see the tips that we have separated to guide you in this process and take the opportunity to learn how to make a beautiful one Orange Quilt Blanket. Before anything, prepare the walls that will receive the paint.

At that time you can use the spackle so that all the small holes of nails and imperfections are covered and the wall is beautiful again without holes. After that, you should sand the entire area leaving it as smooth as possible, this will make the final result of the painting the most perfect.


The preparation of the paint is also very important, especially if you are going to paint a wall with a completely different color from the walls on the side so pay attention to that. Remove all furniture from the room and protect the floor with a tarp.

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Do not forget to also remove the mirrors from the sockets and switches and to protect the door and window handles, use aluminum foil or masking tape without saving, these items will help you a lot in this regard. keep in mind that cleaning the paint dry afterwards is going to be much more work than wasting some time before you start painting.

Another thing that you need to keep in mind when thinking about house paintings, is that the choice of colors must also be done carefully, the amount needed, of course will depend on the size of your walls, so always be very attentive to this detail so important.

Measure the area, multiplying the height by the width and the number of coats you intend to apply, take the measurements correctly so that there is no problem. Many paint marks already indicate on the can itself which area it covers. Building supply stores and some brand stores provide a tool for this calculation on their website.

Another interesting tool is that it shows how the room will look with the desired color. This can be very useful if you are unsure how a color will match the furniture and accessories you already have. Be careful as the color of the wall paint can be different than the shade you saw in the store catalog, so always take a look beforehand.

So before making a very large purchase, the tip is to purchase a small can as a sample, usually they are available in the store in a quarter of a gallon, so you can test the color on a small area of ​​your wall to see how it will look.

The paintings of houses themselves, do not have much secret. It should always be done in a vertical direction, start at the top of the wall so that the paint does not splash on the area already painted.

Use a little paint per coat and be patient, one layer must be very dry before applying the next, this detail is very important.

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