Rainbow Gumdrop Crochet Square


If you want to decorate the whole house in a Provencal style it is important to beware of the exaggerations, as this type of decoration is more loaded. Also be aware that the rooms talk to each other in the decoration, so that the environments are integrated and with the same proposal. But if what you want is just to add a Provencal touch to your home, then just bet on one or the other element and combine it with the rest of the decoration, today we will talk a little more about this decoration and still give you the pattern. Rainbow Gumdrop Crochet Square so you can do something to help you with this decor.

Let’s cover the items that are indispensable in Provencal decor and how you can use them in every room. For starters, let’s talk about furniture, a milestone in Provencal decor. Antique furniture is the icing on this type of decoration. They are indispensable in this type of decoration. The aged look helps maintain the origin of the decor from centuries ago.


Therefore, it is worth considering renovating that long-kept old family furniture. Antique stores and thrift stores are also great sources for getting furniture in this style. The rustic aspect is also characteristic of this type of furniture, since the peasants did not have enough resources to create furniture like royalty.


Free Pattern Available: Rainbow Gumdrop Crochet Square

The cool thing about Provencal decor is that it allows you to restore the furniture yourself. This will also help you save a buck, first because you can reuse instead of buying, and second because you can do it yourself. Old furniture can be present in every room of the house. In the rooms you can use, for example, an antique headboard or a dressing table. Old wardrobes are also a good choice, but if you just want to give it a Provencal touch, choose one piece or another.

In the living room, use old coffee tables, sideboards or chairs. In the dining room, choose a rustic unfinished table with stools and chairs. The kitchen can also house the Provencal style in the cabinets and sink countertops. Already in the bathroom, count on the Provencal style in the closet, taps and mirrors, it will be amazing, believe me. The flowers also help to compose the Provencal style, especially the lavenders that are typical flowers of the region. However, the flowers do not need to be just in vase arrangements. You can use flowers in pillow prints, paintings and wallpaper, for example. With them, the romantic style of the decoration is guaranteed and gives a special touch to the environment.

The choice of colors directly interferes with the Provencal decoration, so it is very important to choose them carefully. In general, white is the basis of all decoration. It gives the air of lightness, delicacy and cleanliness to the environment in which it is used, typical of the style. To match the white, choose light and pastel shades from the blue, green and pink palette. These shades are classic in Provencal decor and can come from walls, furniture, upholstery and decorative objects.

The shades of pink and lilac accentuate the romanticism and the feminine side of the Provencal decoration, so if you want to get away from that idea, bet on the shades of blue. Baby and children’s rooms very well accept the Provencal proposal, as they necessarily need to be clearer and more neutral.

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