Triangless Granny Stripe Baby Blanket


When it comes to chandelier, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the idea of ​​an object full of details and richly adorned with crystals. It is not a mistake to think so, but it is important to know that there are numerous other models of chandeliers, among them the simple ones. Yes, there are simple chandeliers as well as small and discreet ones. And what does it mean? Small environments can also benefit from the use of chandeliers. In this Do not understand this story very well? So come with us to unravel the particular universe of chandeliers, understand how you can combine chandelier with simplicity and elegance and still make a beautiful Triangless Granny Stripe Baby Blanket:

What is a chandelier? What is the difference between chandelier and pendant? The chandelier is a very beautiful decorative and functional piece used to bring soft and diffused lighting to the environments in which it is used. The chandelier appeared in the history of mankind around the seventeenth century illuminating palaces, castles and the residences of the nobles of the time.


Perhaps that is why even today chandeliers are seen as objects of luxury and glamor. At that time, the chandeliers were lit with candles, but nowadays it is the lamps that stand out, and it is wrong to think that it stops there.


Free Available Pattern: Triangless Granny Stripe Baby

Usually made of crystal, chandeliers have branches or arms, as some prefer to call it. This is even the main difference between chandeliers and pendants. Although both are installed on the ceiling, the pendants, unlike chandeliers, have no branches, just a single point of light. For those who want to invest in a simple chandelier model it is important to keep in mind that the piece should be proportional to the size of the room, ie the smaller the room, the smaller the chandelier should be, so take measurements so you have no mistake.

It is also very important to pay attention to the installation height of the chandelier. Houses with low ceilings should be especially careful that the part does not disturb the movement or obscure the vision. Another tip for those with small environments is to keep a clean, neutral and discreet decoration, since the chandelier already has enough aesthetic potential to support the entire decoration, do not abuse much or will make the decoration heavy.

If you were to choose a single place in the house to install the chandelier, our recommendation for you would be the dining room or the sitting room. The chandeliers seem to have been made to make up this space in the house. And the best place to put it is on the dining table. To make the right choice, look at the model of your table. If it is round, then prefer a chandelier in the same shape. Square and rectangular tables do not need chandeliers in the same shape.

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