Chevron Falls Quilt


Chevron Falls Quilt, the manual art of quilt makes it possible to create unique and incredible pieces that can be used in the most diverse types of places. Because they are versatile and complete almost all types of decoration, quilts have been a great success.

This quilt model looks great on your bed to decorate and also warm you up, and can also help you decorate your sofa and your living room, as well as being perfect to warm you up during a movie.


This quilt is perfect for the coldest days that come with winter and very delicate, promising to be a great success whatever the occasion that is used.

A color that attracts young people and gives life to the visual. It is easy to make this quilt and you can adapt it through the pattern to any size. The colors are just suggestions, choose the ones that match your decor items.


Thank you for visiting our website. We always try to bring the best for you. Did you like the article? A wonderful work with colors that combine well and make your room colorful and cheerful. The is a beautiful work of elaborate craftsmanship and full of wonderful details.

The kind of piece that stands out for the caprice and love with which our crafts are made. This work will take time and knowledge, but it is worth it because the result is magnificent.

Quilt is a craft technique widely used for creating carpets, it keeps it among many other things. Many people specialize in this technique and develop products to sell or to decorate their own home and make it more beautiful.

Pattern By: Banyan Batiks Studio

Pattern Status: Free

Free Pattern Available: Chevron Falls Quilt