Red Heart Peppermint Throw And Pillow


There is always a DIY tendency that makes our hearts beat faster, sometimes the pallets, sometimes the crates, and also the beauty of wooden spool tables. This type of table uses almost exclusively those reels used to wind electric wires, the only adaptations are the paint and the wheels used to give more mobility to the piece, the reel is 100% used. In this post you will learn how to make a spool table and also a Red Heart Peppermint Throw And Pillow.

And that’s great for the environment, as it avoids the unnecessary disposal of waste that wastes our planet, perfect for the pocket, after all a spool table is much cheaper than a conventional table and, of course, Amazing for decoration, as these pieces are super stylish. Another great advantage of the spool table is that you can customize it any way you like, from the color used in the painting to the finishes.


There are people who like a mosaic spool table made of tablets, these models are very popular, while others prefer an artistic painting on the top, for example, everything will depend on the style you want to give the piece. Another finishing option on the spool table is the hydraulic tiles.


Free Pattern Available: Red Heart Peppermint Throw And Pillow

With the wooden spool you can make coffee tables, side tables and dining tables, depending on the size of the coil. One tip, if you can’t find the reel to your desired size, is to use only the top of the reel to make the top and mount your feet with other material, so you have more freedom to adjust the table height wherever you use it. To top it off, use benches around the spool table. A good suggestion is to invest in crate stools that match this rustic and sustainable spool proposal.

Compared to other DIYs, the reel table is much simpler to make. The wood reel just needs to be sanded and painted to be ready, unless you want a more elaborate model with different finishes or some enclosure / holder included. So we invite you now to follow this super simple and practical step by step how to make spool table:

Necessary materials
Wooden spool or reel in desired size;
Sandpaper for wood;
Water based paint (synthetic enamel is one of the best options);
Brush and paint roller;

Begin the process by cleaning the spool completely, especially if it has already been used and is dirty, so you can leave it as new. Remove mildew stains, splinters, protruding nails and whatever else is damaging the part. Then sand the entire structure well, after this step use a damp cloth to remove all dust. If necessary, disassemble the entire spool, but you can also paint without disassembling it.

Paint the entire piece the color you choose, wait for it to dry completely and apply another coat. After all these steps, the spool table is ready. You can also create a mosaic, make drawings with the help of a stencil or put a glass top on the table. If you prefer a more rustic look, just apply a coat of varnish over the spool. Anyway, feel free! Now you can use one of these at home!

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