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In the world of interior design, there are a number of styles to be used as a basis for decorating a home, be it a large or small property, with many residents or few. A clear example of this is Montessori furniture, which represents a specific type of furniture that makes up bedrooms, living rooms and even bathrooms in a well-defined way. Montessori bedroom furniture, for example, has its own and very interesting characteristics for a specific purpose: to allow the child greater autonomy in the room that he has by law. In this post you will understand more about it and learn how to make a beautiful SmoothFox’s Just Peachy Blossom Square.

Having Montessori furniture, therefore, means having furniture that is accessible in every possible way to the child, especially with regard to size and reach, precisely to help them. All of these purposes are based on a pedagogical model created by educator Maria Montessori that is recognized worldwide and aims to offer children an important self-reliance for their development.


The decoration, therefore, followed this line and created Montessori furniture, which in fact complies with all the necessary aspects for the purpose to be successfully achieved for your little ones. All of this made the room with Montessori furniture very popular and moms and dads from all over the world started to incorporate the style in their decorations.


Free Pattern Available: SmoothFox’s Just Peachy Blossom Square

From there, pieces were created such as the Montessori bed, which is very similar to the Japanese adult bed, the Montessori crib, Montessori tables and a complete furniture, which can even be bought together, in the Montessori kit. If you were interested in Montessori furniture and want to set up your child’s room this way, keep reading and learn about some elements that this decorative arrangement must have for you to be inspired. Enjoy and check out our gallery with a series of incredible Montessori furniture that will certainly help you when buying and composing furniture.

One of the most important tasks for decorating a room that follows the aesthetics and functionality proposed by Maria Montessori is to choose the furniture for a Montessori bedroom, so pay close attention to this step. After all, it is important that they all carry the characteristics and aspects that define the style so that the desired result is a reality as soon as the room is ready. That said, when choosing furniture for a Montessori bedroom, first keep in mind the size and spatial distribution of the room and then the child’s age and time of life.

This is important because there are models of Montessori furniture on the market for all children ages, that is, that have different structures in terms of size and functionality. With the furniture properly chosen, the next step is to assemble the room with Montessori furniture, which must be arranged in the room so that the child can move between them without any risk to their safety. An example of this are the tables and shelves, as they can tip over depending on the layout of the furniture and cause an accident so be very aware of these details.

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