Ribbed Cross Granny Square


Numerous projects have the presence of a staircase. Whether to go from one floor to another or just from a lower location to a higher location, if the stairs are present it is because they are necessary in space. Therefore, if your decorated room design includes the presence of a ladder, pay attention to the next topics in this post, as the stairs, in addition to exercising their obvious function, they also add value in the decoration of the environment, for this reason they must be chosen carefully. Check out tips and a tutorial on a beautiful and elegant Ribbed Cross Granny Square now!

Whether composing the architecture of a house, duplex apartment or even a loft environment, one thing is certain, if there is an environment in the project that includes the presence of a living room decoration with stairs, it is a guaranteed success, believe me. In the market it is possible to find different models of stairs, which are usually classified based on the information of structural shape, handrail and railing models, so do your research before choosing.


Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the functionality of each staircase and not just choose a model just for its aesthetic value. Want to know what are the main models of internal stairs? Then come with us as we will tell you. Straight staircase: staircase built in a single direction and super suitable for compact environments;

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Spiral staircase: brings modernity in decoration and is also super suitable for small environments, because it helps a lot not only in decoration but in everything; Circular staircase: its curved design brings sophistication to the environment and is perfect in large rooms, you will see the result; L-shaped ladder: either at the base or on the upper floor, the ladder has an angle of 90º; U-shaped ladder: the base is straight and then curves dramatically at an angle of 180 ° Zigzag ladder: also known as a cascading ladder, its design brings lightness to the living room.

Living room with staircase and kitchen
Understand that having a room with a staircase and an American kitchen requires great attention when decorating the room, because despite the composition of the space being stunning, the stair present in the place should talk to the style and personality of both rooms, so be careful . The shape, size and material with which the staircase is made should harmonize with the decoration of the environment, so choose well.

Depending on the layout of the space, the staircase can be positioned close to the wall as it becomes the main piece in the architecture of the room. There is a project in which the floating iron ladder was positioned in the middle of the room. Its function, in addition to taking residents and visitors to the upper floor, was used as room dividers which helped a lot. In another project, an L-shaped floating ladder was positioned close to the wall

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