Crochet Pineapple Top


Crochet Pineapple Top, with a very loose and light design that you will love. This piece has a soft result being very comfortable, this piece will help you a lot. Not to mention that it can be done so much with this beautiful sleeve and thus adapt to the season in which it is being made, which is great. A versatile and easy job to do and can be made in different colors. With little material this top is made with simplicity and can be easily followed by beginners in the art of crochet, which is great.

It’s worth making this piece to get warm on the hottest days when you need a lighter piece. With a lot of care and attention you can make this work with your simple stitches that end up creating this beautiful effect and this wonderful pineapple design that we see.


We always try to bring you the best. Beautiful model to make you even more elegant and charming! This top is designed with this beautiful stitch used, you will love this piece and be amazed at the result this amazing and well explained piece has.

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Crochet Pineapple Top


SECTION 1: Making the Pinapple Stitch

SECTION 2: Making the Full Dress

SECTION 1_____


Yarn – Bernat Cotton-ish (color: COTTON GIN) / light 3 / 2.4 oz (70 g) / 282 yards (258 m) / 3 balls
Crochet Hook – G (4.25 mm) and 1 (2.75 mm) or other size hooks needed for the gauge Gauge – About 1 large pineapple in 4 inches Blouse Size


Step 1: Make a foundation chain of 132 chain stitches plus 1 additional chain.

Step 2 Increase 1st round – [sc6, ch1] to end plus sl.st.1 in the 1st ch. after the starting point (sp) 2nd round – ch3, dc1, ch2, (sc1, ch1, sk1) x 2, sc1, ch2, dc2 on 1ch., dc2, ch1, dc2, [dc2 on 1ch., ch2, ( sc1, ch1, sk1) x 2, sc1, ch2, dc2 on 1ch., dc2, ch1, dc2] to end plus sl.st.1 in 3rd ch. after sp

Insert crochet hook into a base chain, grab the yarn, and pull it through. You should have 3 chains on your hook. Yo and pull the yarn through the first two stitches on the hook, resulting in 2 remaining stitches. Yo and insert the crochet hook into the base chain (it is not supposed to be next to the previous one), grab the yarn, and pull it though. You must have 4 stitches on the hook. Yo and pull the yarn through the 1st two sts on your hook. You should have 3 remaining sts.

Last time, yo and insert the hook into a third base chain, grab the yarn and pull it though. After you have 5 sts on your hook, yo and pull the yarn through the first two stitches, resulting in 4 remaining sts. Lastly, yo and pull the yarn through the all 4 stitches on the hook. dc – double crochet sc – single crochet sk – skip chain sl.st. – slip stitch tr – triple crochet yo – yarn over


Our Team’s Opinion About This Pattern

Crochet Pineapple Top, an amazing piece that will help you change your summer look to a more stylish one, I’m sure you’re gonna love the result of this piece on your look, you can use it to go out with your friends or with your family too, that’s on you. This is a piece that is aways needed, that’s why it is so famous. This will surely make your customers want one like it, which will help you in sales!!

Want to make this amazing Crochet Pineapple Top? Then set aside all your material and tools before starting your piece so that you already have everything close at hand, this way it’ll be easy to carry out this project, follow the tutorial carefully, make your piece while following the tutorial and I’ m sure that you will be able to make this amazing work easily.