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If you are thinking that dresser is only for baby room is very wrong! In today’s post you will find that the bedroom dresser is one of the most versatile, beautiful and functional furniture in existence that can (and should) be used in double and single rooms. Keep following the post with us that we will tell you all the advantages of having a dresser in the room and what you should know before choosing yours and teach you how to make a beautiful Modern Blanket, so let’s go?

Perfect for small spaces
The dresser is a small piece of furniture, of medium height and that favors like small spaces, that is, it is a hand in the wheel for that cramped room of apartment. In addition to being physically smaller, the dresser also causes a visual illusion of amplitude thanks to its dimensions. This gives the room a visual breather as it takes up less physical space and helps you store your things.


Replaces wardrobe
This second advantage of the dresser is directly related to the first, as you can use the dresser as an alternative to the common wardrobe, especially for those who have little room in the room or who are interested in joining a more minimalist lifestyle, Isn’t that amazing?


Free Pattern Available: Modern Blanket

To do this, make a good assessment of everything you need to keep and see if the scrapbook account dresser. If so, be happy! Your room will gain much more space than it had before. With doors, drawers, partitions, clothes hangers, mirrors, niches, in short, you can now find dressers in various models and styles. And that’s great, after all, the more variety the easier you find the perfect dresser for your bedroom.

Dressers also come as a surprise in the huge variety of colors, materials and styles. It has white, yellow, blue, pink, black and, if you do not find the dresser in the desired color, just paint it. That’s right! The dresser can receive different types of custom finishes, such as painting, patina and decoupage, for example, choose the room that suits you best. And here is still one more tip: instead of buying a new dresser, look for a used model that might be giving soup at Mom or Grandma’s house.

Used furniture thrift stores are also a good choice for relic hunting, especially if you want to add a vintage touch to your room, whether you’re planning a vintage or retro décor. But back to the variety of dresser models, let’s talk now about the different materials with which the furniture can be manufactured. Wood is the most common, but there are still dressers made of MDF, metal and mirrored models. The room type will tell you which type of dresser is most suitable. For example, a single room has different aesthetic and functional needs than a baby room and a double room.

A dresser for a nursery is usually white, delicate and comes with changing table, they help a lot and are amazing. Already in a single room, the dresser can have more vibrant colors and custom finishes. And for the double room? In this case, it is ideal that the dresser has enough room for both, integrating aesthetics and functionality very precisely.

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