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Can you imagine living in a country where winter temperatures can reach minus 0 degrees and sunlight lasts less than four hours a day? Just having a very cozy and cozy house, isn’t it? And it was precisely from this extreme condition that the Hygge style was born, straight from Denmark to the world. Hygge – read “hu-ga” – doesn’t have a literal translation, but the closest meaning we can find to that word would be something like “cozy”. In this post you can see more about it and learn how to make an amazing Arizona Cal.

More than a way of decorating the house, hygge is a lifestyle. This concept employed by the Danes even earned them the title of “happiest people in the world” in 2016, according to the United Nations (UN) World Happiness report, now the style is very famous and widely used. .


This is because the inhabitants of this country needed to find ways to feel warm and comfortable at home, as this is where they spend most of their time, and is there a better way to do it than decorating?


Free Pattern Available: Arizona Cal

That is, a hygge-style home needs to be comfortable, cheerful and cozy above all. And it has nothing to do with the type of furniture you use or the size of your sofa. Hygge is much more related to what you create in the environment than what you buy to use for decoration. Hygge is having a cup of tea reading a book, talking to friends sitting on the floor while the rain falls outside or watching a movie sipping hot chocolate.

All these things go through the decoration, but not exactly it, understand the difference? Especially because comfort and well-being is an idea that varies greatly from person to person, as someone may have an idea of ​​comfort and well-being totally different from yours. With this, decor hygge does not follow specific rules and standards, but it has characteristics that make it recognizable in the environment.

And attention: don’t confuse the hygge style with the Scandinavian style, another very popular style used today. Although they are two similar decorating trends from the same region, they are not the same thing. Basically the purpose of the hygge style is to promote comfort, warmth and warmth, the way you will do it is already entirely personal. The important thing is that you are led by this tripod when planning the hygge decoration.

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