crochet round rug


Crochet carpet is a world passion, a beautiful adornment in any environment. These types of oval rag rug can be made by yourself, as they are very cheap and easy for those who like this hobby, as well as other crochet crafts from the same material as the crochet bag puller.

This craft of round crochet rug is an excellent opportunity for those who need to complement the income of the house. There are many advantages to purchasing crochet string rugs such as the ease of washing and drying even in the washing machine. String rugs come in various shapes, colors and sizes and the pieces adapt to any environment. It’s a crochet rug!


String rugs are perfect for the living room, dining room, entrance hall, balcony, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom. Contrary to what many people think, string rugs are not outdated, much less the crochet rug. Get inspired!


Crochet rugs can combine with different styles such as a more relaxed and colorful environment or with the knotty style that is very high, or even with the decoration of simple houses.

Crochet Rugs: Do It Yourself
You can choose to buy crochet rugs made from crochet at specialized stores or even order these beautiful crochet rug pieces from artisans.

Try to match the string rugs with the colors of your upholstery, curtains and decorative objects in your home, such as pillows. Crochet pieces can have different colors or applications of flowers made from crochet.

Crochet rugs have a wide variety of stitch styles that combined create designs and textures on the pieces. You can use it as a rug for the kitchen, bathroom or balcony. The place that is best for you. In fact, the string carpet is great to keep close to the bathroom cabinet. Combine the colors of the environment and make a stunning piece!

Oval Templates