Crochet Box Block


The solution to your decorating and organizing problems has a name and goes by shelf! Yes, this simple structure works which is a beauty and, in the case of bathrooms, it becomes an undisputed truth. The bathroom shelves make the routine easier, as well as ensuring the organization and, in addition, give that extra touch to the decor.

Therefore, nothing fairer than dedicating a whole post just for them. Stay here with us and discover all about this fantastic world of shelves. In this post you will learn about this and learn how to make a beautiful Crochet Box Block.


The first and most relevant item on the list of reasons for having shelves in the bathroom is the functionality they have.

The shelves organize and facilitate the daily routine. About them you can organize toiletries, perfumes, make-up and whatever else you need to keep at hand, and you can use them to place decoction objects.


This is one of those reasons that need no comment. The shelves are beautiful and spot. Only it’s not just that. They still have one more super advantage: they match every type of decoration. There is no escape from the charm of the shelves. They can even be customized.

Free Pattern Available: Crochet Box Block

In addition to using them to organize your day-to-day items, there is always a little space left for that little bibelot or plant you love that can be used to decorate. Functional, beautiful and versatile too. Nowadays you can find shelves of every size and every color. And if you don’t find the size and color you want, just make one. Yes, that’s another advantage of shelves: they can be easily made at home by anyone.

But with the versatility in mind, know that the market offers an incredible range of shelves to choose from, plus you can also buy one and customize it. It has glass, corner, with mirror, with suction cup (not to have to pierce the wall), in addition to the classic models in wood, MDF and plastic. It is worth mentioning that depending on the French hand or the bracket used for fixing the shelf is still possible to ensure a more rustic, Provencal or modern touch to the piece.

You can’t talk about shelves without mentioning how useful and welcome they are in small bathrooms. Do you know that friend for all hours? It is the shelf. She does everything for you without taking up space. It also means that you can get rid of that crumbling case or just getting in the way. Try this and you will see your bathroom in a totally different way.

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