Vintage Doily Keepsakes Quilt


Inspired in rural environments, with elements and forms of nature, sometimes with more “raw”, but elaborate textures. So is the rustic environment. Rustic decor is a style widely used in country houses and summer houses, but it has been used more and more, and mixed with other styles. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Vintage Doily Keepsakes Quilt.

In houses and apartments in the big city it has been used to bring out the countryside climate in contrast to the bustle of the metropolis. The rustic style leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to cosiness.


One of the most used materials in this type of decoration is wood, whether on the floor, furniture or even in the coverings of some environments, which gives an incredible touch to everything.

Wood is a very versatile material, which can make the space look more natural. In furniture, wood can give a more rustic feel to contemporary furniture, which helps a lot.


It is possible to combine light and dark tones, using wood in all environments: kitchen, bathroom, living room, bedrooms and balcony, which is great. Neutral and earthy tones are widely used in rustic decor and can be mixed with white and mirrored elements or glass, leaving the environment quite sophisticated.

You can use pictures, wood panels, wall sculptures in rustic or painted wood, among other accessories to help you. The decoration of the walls with exposed brick, or natural stone, such as canjiquinha, for example, leaves the atmosphere more welcoming and cozy. In the kitchen, the wood decoration leaves the atmosphere with a more rural feel.

Lace curtains or plaid fabrics can also be used, as the rustic decor is inspired by country decor. In this style, care must be taken not to overload the environment, remember this. To achieve a harmonious decoration, it is possible to use more modern and cheerful elements to break the “weight” of the rustic decoration.

Free Pattern Available: Vintage Doily Keepsakes Quilt