Fun Poinsettia Quilt

You can make blocks together by making a hallway or a montreal of them to make this fabulous quilt, you can make pillow or table path also that looks very beautiful, but you can do whatever you want with this pattern use the imagination.

They really look different and I really like the way the petal swirls get organized in this block! I wanted to make my poinsettia to match my kitchen. Helen is making her into more traditional holiday colors. They really take on a different look and I love the rotating petals created with this block! So if you are in need of a fun little holiday treat for yourself or need to make a last minute gift for someone, this is a perfect quilt design for you! Fun, fast and the best of everything …. super easy !!

I should have posted it then, but my slowly aged computer decided to become impractical around that time and it took a quick rebuild and a slow reinstallation to get me back on track again. Anyway enough about computer problems and back to Poinsettia and how I started with fun pattern. The standard is for a single block quilt as it comes with instructions on how to make the block in sizes ranging from 6 “to 51” square, it can be used for anything from a mug rug to quilt or quilt drink.

So, if you’re in need of some fun for your weekend, let’s do this project, let’s face it, is not it. Good for a new or new decor for your store, or sometimes need to make a last minute gift for someone, this is a perfect design! Beautiful, fast and the best … very easy !!

I leave you photo of this pattern to see color models and soon after the free tutorial in pdf how to make this simple block “Fun Poinsettia”. I hope you like it and make beautiful projects.

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 PDF – Fun Poinsettia 

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