Namaqualand Blanket


Plaster finishing has gained popularity in interior decoration – it is a versatile material that can be shaped to unique shape needs. In addition to plaster moldings and ceilings, plaster can also be found on shelves, shelves and niches. In general, they are embedded in plasterboard walls, creating a unique space for arranging decorative objects in the environment. In this post we will show you more about it and still teach you how to make a beautiful Namaqualand Blanket. Advantages of plaster shelves.

Modernity: In addition to being a sleek and contemporary solution, the use of lighting spots can make the bookshelf much more attractive and elegant, highlighting the ornaments and decorative objects being used on it. Space: One of the main advantages over a common bookcase is that with plaster it is possible to embed niches in walls, occupying a reduced space compared to a traditional furniture.


The shelf can be present on a TV panel for example, without being in contact with the floor, keeping the lower area free to place other objects. Tailor-made: This means that the bookcase can adapt to different designs and spaces, including using bolder shapes to fit perfectly anywhere.


Free Pattern Available: Namaqualand Blanket

Cleaning: By taking up a smaller space, cleaning is much easier, using just a duster can remove dust accumulation in the niches and shelves and make it white as new. An important recommendation is to assess exactly what you need – so you can create well-defined spaces according to the objects you want to store on the shelf. Another relevant point is the hiring of specialized plastering manpower, ideal to have the expected result.

The shelf can be slightly recessed from the wall to stand out even more in the room. A lighting effect can go a long way as it will lighten the look of a floating bookcase. It is possible to mix the plaster shelf with a cabinet furniture.

For those who want to mount a TV panel, use this technique. Room partitions have become common in small apartment designs.

Therefore, having more economical options for this integration is always welcome. The plaster shelf can play a functional and decorative role for this type of proposal while maintaining excellent value for money. The shelves greatly help in the organization of children’s rooms.

It can for example be used to separate books, stuffed animals and other toys. With walls made of traditional masonry, the bookcase blends with the construction, making it an integrated piece. It can still receive hollow niches, allowing visibility between the two environments, as well as support for decorative objects.

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