Snowflake Crochet Blanket


Icon of the current decorations, the pendant lamp leaves no one aside. There will always be a model that is your face and the face of your home. In addition to being super stylish and very versatile, pendant lamps can be the central point of illumination, as well as that soft diffused spot of light perfect for relaxing. Want to bet on this trend too? So keep following the post that we will tell you all about pendant lamps and teach you how to make a delicate Snowflake Crochet Blanket:

To avoid mistakes when decorating, always look for a model that is about 1/3 the size of the furniture or space in which the luminaire will be exposed.


For example: a 1 meter long kitchen counter should opt for a 30 to 35 cm diameter luminaire or three side-by-side luminaires, each of which should be no larger than 15 cm.

But don’t stick to the rules if you want to make a striking, personality-filled decoration in your home, okay? Just do not overlook the functionality of the piece and do not use too many things to not let the decoration heavy.


Free Pattern Available: Snowflake Crochet Blanket

Today you can find luminaires of every color, from the most neutral to the most vibrant, each one more beautiful than the other. And here comes the question: which one to choose? First, look at the decorating style and color palette that already dominates your environment.

If you want the luminaire to be the highlight, choose one with a contrasting color over the other decor elements. But if the intention is for a more neutral and soft decor, opt for a lamp of similar tones to those already used.

Light bulb type
The lamp used in the luminaire makes all the difference in the end result of the environment being decorated. So the tip here is to choose the lamp from the use that will be made of the luminaire.

In environments where more abundant lighting is required, such as the kitchen countertop and home office, prefer cool white lamps. For relaxation and relaxation spaces, a warm yellow lamp goes much better.

The material with which the luminaire is manufactured also interferes with the quality and intensity of light as well as the aesthetics of the environment.

The glass, acrylic and crystal luminaires are perfect for those who need broader lighting, as light can completely penetrate the glass and are also very stylish and beautiful. Metal models, on the other hand, are ideal for creating lighting with that warm and intimate touch, since light only diffuses through the opening of the luminaire.

For those who prefer a more diffused and mild light, the fabric dome luminaires are the most suitable.

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