Meet Cute Quilt


Classic, clean and sophisticated, the white-walled room is a real wild card and can generate several combinations in the decorative part. This color influences the quality of sleep and provides incredible benefits, especially in the visual issue, since in addition to expanding the space, it is balanced with the rest of the shades. White is known for symbolizing peace and is related to the calm and tranquility of the environment. But, despite being a simple color, it can leave your decoration striking and very pleasant. This time, Camas Etc. brings small tips that can leave your corner harmonious and different. In this post we will see more about it and you will learn how to make a beautiful Meet Cute Quilt.

The first step is to define what style you want to acquire in your bedroom, remembering that the benefit of having a white wall is that the options are varied to add to your decoration. Enjoy! If you want to leave the obvious and give space to the modern, bet on the mixture of dark tones, creating the famous combination of “black and white”, this combination gives a very beautiful and beautiful touch to the environment. There are many ways to do this, you can use bold decor on the floor, furniture and accessories, creating the perfect contrast between these two colors.


This type of decoration contributes to the functionality of the room, in addition to giving more highlights to the smallest details available in the environment. If you decide on a traditional style, have no doubt that this is the right color to be part of your day to day and, even so, you can maintain that right dose of boldness. Not sure how? We will help you.


Free Pattern Available: Meet Cute Quilt

The mirrored furniture is super high and matches anywhere, that is, there is no way to leave them aside, besides being charming. After all, everyone who has seen this set of furniture knows that the space is a grace with this reflected effect, even with the wall all white. Another way to leave the room classic and in complete harmony, is to define other pieces to accompany this style that you gave to the environment. You can choose to use the mirror with white furniture, accessories and small details that stand out.

This is the advantage of having a white wall: being able to mix items that are decorative and combine with each other, such as wall texture, flowers, picture frames, among others. Every room deserves a special decoration, since you spend half your life inside it, it needs to be warm and welcoming. Some pieces are indispensable to leave this environment with a different touch, as mentioned in the previous topic. But, you need to choose all the elements, especially those that you imagine do not make a difference, such as stool, mirror and lamp.

The tip is to create a harmony between these objects, since they bring an impression of lightness to the environment. The main idea is to opt for certain items that contribute to your comfort and well-being. How to do this? Make a list of what you like in your routine and, above all, don’t make you sick. Do not forget that the room is a corner that you spend a lot of time and the decoration tends to remain for several phases, so it is important to be aware of what will not cause you discomfort in the long run. Now that you know this, you can start decorating your room.

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