Mosaic Baby Stroller Blanket


Nowadays constructions have smaller and smaller rooms to optimize space in big cities and offer financial advantages to the buyers. When it comes to negotiating, the benefits are clear, but when it comes to decorating and organizing the environment, difficulties arise. Find out in this file how to organize a small room: At first glance it may seem easier to organize a small room than a larger one, but if you think so, there are some challenges ahead due to the lack of space to accommodate furniture and all the amenities. personal items of the resident.

On the other hand, this can be a good exercise for detachment from things you no longer use, as most people tend to accumulate too many things throughout their lives and many of these objects are not really needed in everyday life. If you have a small room at home and are having difficulty organizing and decorating the environment, don’t despair.


The good news is that some very simple tricks will make your life easier by making this task very practical and leave the room feeling more spacious. In today’s post we will see more about this and you will learn how to make an amazing Mosaic Baby Stroller Blanket.


Free Available Pattern: Mosaic Baby Stroller Blanket

Use functional furniture in the decoration. A small room always needs clever solutions to accommodate clothes, shoes, bedding and other objects without having to distribute a lot of furniture inside it and compromise circulation. So invest in a chest or built-in drawers that open toward your feet so as not to interfere with the nightstand or curl up on the rug.

Make the most of it because all space should be taken advantage of when the room is small so fit niches, drawers and shelves in places that do not compromise movement such as beams and over the door. When installing cabinets, place them close to the ceiling so that the resident has more free space inside the room. In the end you will see that it was very worth it.

Don’t be afraid to invest in white. White is the wildcard for small spaces. It gives an appearance of order and organization, amplifies the environment in which it is used and gives a feeling of depth. In addition, when it comes to custom-made furniture, white leaves the lowest cost. Invest in predominantly white furniture and scatter colorful objects here and there to add a touch of modernity and break the seriousness of white.

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