Christmas Granny Square Blanket


When it comes to decorating with practicality, beauty and economy, the wooden niches give a show. Niche, in general, are increasingly present in interior decoration, such versatility and functionality. Wooden niches can take different shapes – round, square, hexagonal – colors and sizes. And this is great! After all, the more options, the more decorative possibilities you have at hand. Wooden niches can still make up the most diverse environments of the house, doing very well in bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor areas and in the children’s room, where even they fit perfectly. In this post we’ll see more about the niches and you’ll learn how to make a beautiful Christmas Granny Square Blanket.

And style is no problem for wood niches either, as you can use them in both modern and contemporary decorations, even the most classic and elegant, as well as rustic, Scandinavian, industrial, Provencal proposals and so on, and so on. They are very useful and versatile.


As if all this were not enough, wooden niches are still a great asset in decorating small spaces as they help a lot. This is because it can often replace cabinets and other heavier furniture, thus creating a lighter and more fluid decor for the environments.


Free Pattern Available: Christmas Granny Square Blanket

The niches can be opened or closed by a small door, thus being discreet in the environment. Both are possible to use in decoration, the difference between them is that while one exposes the objects, the other keeps. So the tip here is to stay organized if you choose open niches, otherwise what was supposed to be a decorative element could become a mess accumulator; Crude wood niches are on the rise right now, especially when the intention is to compose a clean decor with that Scandinavian-style footprint;

Most of the time, the niches are used together in three to four pieces, which is why they are sold in kits, but you can choose to use only one and that’s all right too; When thinking about the composition of the niches in the wall pay attention to the style that predominates in your decoration so that they can match. If the most classic and sober style is dominant, organize the niches on a regular and symmetrical side by side, for example.

But if you want to create a more modern and original decor, you can combine the niches in an irregular and disconnected way that is also very nice; The niche format also says a lot about the style of the environment. Round niches, for example, are great for classic, romantic, and nursery decorations. While square and rectangular models make up classic, sober and elegant environments, nicely shaped niches such as hexagonal niches are perfect in modern, clean decorations. How about starting to use niches?

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