Sea Breeze Tank Top– Crochet Pattern


Crochet tops are essential items, we must have at least one model to compose our looks, such as the Sea Breeze Tank Top. The crochet top is the touch of subtlety, beauty and naturalness of any look. You can use it in different occasions and weather conditions. As a result, it has been gaining more space on the streets and in closets, showing diversity in shapes, sizes and colors.

The models are incredibly charming and the personalized ones are highlighted through who makes and who uses them. Because it is made of crochet, the cropped or top becomes more casual and natural, but in addition to conveying simplicity, crochet is rich in details. Making your own piece or producing even more diversified tops is to enrich yourself with this technique.


Choose the models that most value your body and please you. The pattern we brought is basic, it matches many styles and many occasions. If you prefer a longer top, it’s easy to change the pattern, just increase the number of rows. The pattern designer recommends that once you’ve created your first triangle, please try this top on as we all know that even within the same bust measurement, bra size can vary greatly!

Sea Breeze Tank Top

Crochet Top Materials and Stitches

This crochet top has an easy-to-make pattern that looks lovely when it’s done. And best of all, it uses few materials. Below you will find the materials and stitches needed to make this piece:



Crochet Top

In For The Frills you will find the complete pattern for free. Prefer to watch videos with the tutorial? It is also available on the website. You will rock this crochet top. Whether for you, to gift or to sell. Come on, it’s time to crochet!