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The hygiene kit, or personal hygiene kit, as it is also called, is a set of pots and containers, which has the function of grouping all products aimed at cleaning and caring for an individual, organizing essential items in one place. And although it is often considered superfluous, the hygiene kit is a hand in the wheel when it comes to practicality, since it leaves everything at hand when it comes to personal care, both for adults, children and babies. Looking forward to seeing today’s tip? So keep following the post as we will talk more about it and teach you how to make a beautiful Lily Pond Cherry Blossom Colors Blanket.

The most common hygiene kits are usually made from raw MDF and personalized later, other options are those of porcelain, bamboo, glass, metal, stone and even fabric. The composition and organization of a hygiene kit depends on the type: baby, child or adult. However, some items are indispensable for all types of kits, such as cotton swabs, cotton, soap and oral care items, these are some items that are needed no matter the kit. In the case of the adult kit, it can be differentiated in two versions: male or female.


For men, it is essential that the kit features beard care items, such as razors, shaving creams and aftershave lotions. In addition, the presence of a good nail clipper, deodorant, sunscreen, dental floss and even a good perfume is essential, these are some items that are always good to have around.


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Remember: the function of the hygiene kit is to collect items that are essential for cleaning in a compact and organized way, so do not add products that are not useful or that are little used in your kit. In the feminine hygiene kit, products such as absorbents and baby wipes cannot be missing, as they are items of great importance that always fit like a glove. Items for skin care, due to the recurrent use of makeup, are also needed, such as rose milk, makeup remover, soap (in bars or liquid) and a daily care cream. You can even put in your kit products aimed at hair care, such as shampoo, conditioner, creams and oils. The most common and used hygiene kit is for children and babies.

These little creatures deserve special and exclusive care. And the main advantage of this kit is that parents do not need to leave their child to reach hygiene products, ensuring more comfort and safety for the whole family. There are several options of hygiene kits on the market, from the cheapest to the most luxurious. There is still the option of making your own hygiene kit in raw MDF, guaranteeing personality, exclusivity and, why not, savings? However, both those purchased in stores and those made at home, must present some key items (those that always need to be present there) that guarantee the comfort and practicality of the kit. Therefore, we have prepared a list below of what can not be missing in your baby’s hygiene kit:

Small Pharmacy: small box, whose function is to store medicines, alcohol and ointments; Tray: keeps all the kit’s containers organized and together; Containers: to store and organize the different items; Thermos: must always contain warm water, to facilitate hygiene; Lamp: essential for exchanges during the night; Trash: for the disposal of used products. It is recommended that it has a cover, avoiding any possible bad smell. Where to buy a hygiene kit? The kits can be found in any baby store and also in stores like walmart and others, not only for babies but for adults as well.

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