Little Star Security Blanket Crochet


Little Star Security Blanket Crochet is a beautiful work and perfect for making and waiting for the arrival of winter, because it is elegant and delicate, a piece that completes any type of decoration. It is a very beautiful blanket that will be perfect for the hottest days. A way to stay warm all winter and with a lot of class and good taste. The suggested color is very beautiful, but use the one that best matches your decor.

As a result, this blanket is a delicate crochet work that draws a lot of attention for being elegant and well worked with its very beautiful stitches. In colder periods this blanket will be part of your decor making it very beautiful and leaving you warm and protected in winter, in addition to being very beautiful to decorate the bed.


It is a piece that matches any type of decoration. This blanket is an excellent option for winter days because it is pleasant and will make everything very elegant. In addition, the color indicated here is just a suggestion. Make the color you like best and complete the pieces of your decoration.


It can also be a great product option for sales and it will surely be very successful among your friends. A work that stands out for its beauty and delicacy. in crochet a wonderful job and it is always very good to be able to make different pieces. Especially for special moments of relaxation on the sofa or even in bed in cold weather.

Little Star Security Blanket Crochet are pieces that never go out of style and new features appear every year. You can already see in some seasons the handmade blankets made in crochet that has been the great choice of all because they are unique and differentiated, thus valuing the handicrafts and making everything more beautiful.

This crocheted blanket model is simple and uses very little material and is a very simple recipe that requires only attention when making the instructions and the graphics. Take advantage of this recipe to make your blankets in various colors and shapes, we are sure you will like it.

Free Pattern Available: Little Star Security Blanket Crochet