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Windows are an important item in any architectural project, as they allow light and natural ventilation into the interior. In order to define where it will be installed, it is necessary to carry out a study of sunlight on the site and choose the appropriate model for each environment. Currently, there are several models, types and materials of window frames, considering that each one has a function. It is ideal to observe the quality and technical characteristics of the models to ensure optimal functionality. In this post you can see more about it and also learn how to make a beautiful Nya Mosaic Blanket. See the main window models: Before choosing the window for your work, the ideal is to know all the types available on the market. Discover the main window models now:

Venetian window. widely used in residential projects mainly in bedrooms. Ventilation is provided by blades with slits. Sliding window. The sliding window is one in which the leaves slide in the horizontal direction, allowing a good opening for ventilation and lighting in the environment. They are generally installed in living rooms, kitchens and residential rooms. For those who need lighting, the recommended is to use the models with glass, they help a lot in this requirement.


In old buildings, they are found with the use of bars, they were used a lot in the past. Projection window. The projecting window is one in which its opening is made to the external side of the environment, where the leaf is fixed on the sides of or at the top of the window.


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They have varied sizes and can be used both in offices, service areas, laundries, living rooms and other places. One of the advantages is that it can occupy a smaller space on the wall, being able to replace larger and more traditional models. Opening window. The opening window is the one with the opening of the leaves outwards, based on a vertical axis – it is a very traditional model, in addition to opening completely, its cleaning is facilitated and allows the installation of grids or screens for your safety and to prevent it from entering dirt into your home like leaves and dust. Guillotine window.

Guillotine-type windows receive this name because they are similar to sliding windows, but their frames move vertically. Despite being found in more classic models in homes, today, there are more current and contemporary models on the market. Where to buy: Guillotine windows from $ 65.84 on online shopping sites. Pivoting window. The pivoting window is the one where the leaves rotate on its axis, up to 90º – it is a practical model where some openings in the wall can be opened to the environment, ensuring the entry of ventilation and light throughout the place.

Bay window. Bay windows come from English culture and are usually found in home designs. They are composed of three glass faces that project to the exterior of the residence. This model is not very popular, as the project needs specific adaptations to accommodate it. Due to its extensive size, one of the advantages of this window is to guarantee ample natural lighting in the environment in which it is located. When choosing this model, it is recommended to use thermally insulated glass to help you.

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