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With the new wave of American kitchens, considered simple and practical, choosing the ideal model for stools is a task that leaves us lost among the many options on the market.

The most recommended is that this choice is made at the beginning of your decoration, according to the height of the counter, the number of residents and your style. The common stools are approximately 60cm in size, so you need to check the width of your bench so that there is room for movement of the arms and legs. In this post you can learn more about the stools and learn how to make a beautiful spring flower blanket.


The ideal is that if they are used for meals, the model to be chosen should be classic, comfortable and preferably with a back so that those who feel it do not go out with such pain. The options we find on the market are steel, metal, ABS and upholstered in leather.

On the other hand, if it is a decorative item, it is necessary to focus on its aesthetics, that is, on the design.


And that the market is full of options that range from the mix of materials to the most minimalist and it will depend on the style that is intended for the environment and will also depend on your taste, choose the one that most pleases you and match the environment .

For those who do not want to make a mistake in choosing, usually the acrylic and metal stools are chosen by those who prefer a more clean and modern decoration, they are quite used today.

The one with upholstered in leather and base in chromed steel are for giving sobriety to the environments. For those who enjoy a more rustic style, the stools with demolition wood and fabrics are more interesting and give an incredible touch to the environment. There are several models and many options of colors and prints, with our gallery it will be easier to choose an ideal model for your home. It is worth remembering that there are also small stools that can be adopted for low benches.

And for those who want to save money and give style to the environment, it’s nice to paint the wooden kitchen stools in colorful tones. It is charming and takes away the seriousness of the space, everything is more beautiful, fun and lively.

If the space is small, give preference to the backless stools that take up less space, although losing in comfort will gain space for circulation. Make a combination of simple stools with more sophisticated ones. Medium and backless stools can be a great option for a more informal setting.

If you don’t want furniture taking up space, you can store the stools under the counter. Instead of using chairs, you can bet on more comfortable stools. For more sophisticated environments it is necessary to use furniture to match.

Make your guests more comfortable with comfortable stools, choose upholstered models. Combine the decor of every kitchen. A modern and sophisticated kitchen calls for a stool with a different design. Place some stools inside the kitchen. How about using a stool in the shape of a chair?

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