Rosemary Blanket Crochet


Rosemary Blanket Crochet a beautiful and very elegant work, with all certainty it will find a luxury in your bed or on your sofa on special days. Imagine in an extremely important date that you decorate your home with this blanket and make an incredible cinema in the family preparing as a card an incredible pipoca and um chá, certainly, everyone will be delighted with so much beauty and flavor.

Or material described here is just a suggestion, given that we can use or that we have at home or that you like. Lembrando that, due to change of fio it will be able to ter alteration no size. But, nothing prevents you from fazer with other lines, even so, just escort you to the best of your bed or your sofa.


A cor fica to the criteria of each person, according to the decoration of the house of each um. Já with all or separate material, chegou at the time of paying attention to the explanation that we separated, not just to learn, but rather, that it was complete and beautiful.


Rosemary Blanket Crochet is an incredible peça, overcoat, elegant to place on super special days in lunches and family reunions to go see a film or sofa. Porém serve to disseminate for your clients and friends, also, it becomes a product of sales and helps not end of month. Rosemary Blanket Sophisticated crochet this incredible blanket model is transformed into a marvelous little piece.

This model is finished with an elaborate finish and gives a nice highlight in the decoration of the place. Either type of work that makes us proud to show or our craftsmanship and that is very useful not every day. We can decorate a bed or a sofa in various ways, use blankets, blankets with prints, some hairy items, and we can help you.

But this elegant blanket deixa tudo with a touch of class and it for very special occasions. This cute crocheted baby will be very successful in the decoration of your bed or your sofa and can also be a great product for bandages. You can give your personal touch and leave a beautiful girl with her face.

Free Pattern Available: Rosemary Blanket Crochet