African Flower With 8 Petals


African Flower Square, also known as African Flower Hexagon, is a charming and versatile crochet pattern consisting of 8 petals forming a hexagon. This pattern is inspired by the vibrant beauty of African flowers and offers endless creative possibilities.

Each petal of the African Flower Square is individually worked using basic crochet stitches such as chain stitch, single crochet and double crochet. By joining the petals, a harmonious hexagon is formed. The combination of colors and textures when working with different yarns allows you to create unique and personalized pieces.


This versatility makes African Flower Square an excellent choice for varied projects. You can use it to make blankets, cushions, rugs, bags and even clothing. In addition, it can be combined with other crochet patterns, allowing you to create complex and detailed compositions.

To start making the African Flower Square, you need to have basic crochet knowledge and be familiar with the stitches used. There are several tutorials available online that teach you step by step how to create each petal and put the parts together to form the complete hexagon.


With dedication and practice, you can master the African Flower Square pattern and explore its full versatility. Feel free to experiment with different colors, sizes and petal combinations to create unique and enchanting pieces. Let your imagination soar and enjoy the process of creating beautiful crochet works using the African Flower Square with 8 Petals pattern.