Beckett Woodland Baby Blanket Free Crochet Pattern


The tropical style is warm, cheerful, vibrant and very Brazilian. Using a mixture of green with strong colors (red, yellow and orange, for example), we can compose prints that resemble the fauna and flora of the tropics and the exuberance and beauty of Brazil. In this post we will see more about it and you can make a beautiful Beckett Woodland Baby Blanket.

In this style it is possible to explore shapes, textures and colors with elements from the Brazilian roots, which makes the environment cheerful, full of life and very beautiful too. Despite the strong colors, it is possible to feel cozy in the environments, using natural textures on the carpets, curtains, panels and furniture. The materials used in tropical decoration are bamboo, ratan and banana fiber.


An interesting proposal is to use pieces of tree trunk in furniture, for example, on the bases of coffee tables, covered with a glass top to give an incredible touch. Natural fiber armchairs and patterned upholstery also fit well. Natural fibers can be used in decorative objects, such as lighting fixtures, whether pendant, ceiling or floor.

The ideal is to decorate just one room of the house in this style, with great patterned pillows, furniture, rugs and lamps made of natural materials to help.


The prints can be of leaves, flowers and fruits, but care must be taken not to abuse and end up leaving the environment too loaded, after all a lot of heavy pattern repetition makes the space polluted which ends up destroying all the decoration you were trying to make .

A suggestion is to keep the walls in white or in very light tones or pastels to be able to “abuse” the colors of the accessories, such as pillows, vases and paintings to decorate the environment. If so many colorful details are not used in the decoration, it is possible to bring the strong tones to the walls and work with more neutral accessories.

In lighting, the more natural light the better, because if the idea is to send it to a tropical place, nothing better than a lot of sun and ventilation with the sound of foliage around. In this style, a cheerful atmosphere prevails, with a “holiday face”.

Free Pattern Available: Beckett Woodland Baby Blanket