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Optimizing room space is one of the main criteria for those who are renovating the house. After all, it is a social environment that should meet the needs of residents on a daily basis and also receive guests. Bespoke furniture is ideal for those who want to enjoy every square meter, without having to measure the ready-to-see furniture fits your project. That’s why the planned room can meet all expectations for this proposal, combining comfort and beauty according to what you want to invest. In this post we’ll see more about it and you’ll still learn how to make an amazing Miarly Blanket.

How to set up a planned room?
Have the environment plan in hand so that the company that specializes in planning gives the solutions according to each proposal, if necessary, take measurements of the apartment, as this helps a lot when decorating. Note that the practitioner takes some points into account before designing the planned room:


Environment Integration
A classic proposal to leave your room with a more modern touch is to unite the spaces so that the environments are integrated and harmonious in the look, thus leaving the place very beautiful and with a special touch. Therefore it is ideal that in the furniture, there is a communication so that it does not deviate in the visual, reinforcing the sensation of amplitude with a larger social area.


Free Available Pattern: Miarly Blanket

Colors and finishes
The colors reflect a lot on the environment! If space is small, opt for light furnishings that follow the off white color chart, ranging from white to beige, which are now widely used and perfect for decoration. But with the planned furniture there is a plethora of finishing options, from the colored glass to the stainless-looking wood. That way you don’t just get stuck in the wood! For those who want to add a bit of color, you can mix neutral tones with a spot of color in some woodwork detail.

Planned Room Style
Set a style for your room so that it lasts for many years, a style that you enjoy and look good. Something more timeless is the best option not to get seasick, so you can have a modern and very beautiful room for many years. Therefore, a tip is to go for the classic side that gives priority to neutral finishes. Let your imagination fly and you can be sure that the result will be amazing.

Use of space in the planned room
Take advantage of the vertical space to create shelves for organization and decoration of the room, they help a lot. For those with small rooms, taking advantage of the walls is a great choice as it does not take up a lot of space and does not disturb the circulation. Another bet for the design of the planned room is to opt for multifunctional furniture, such as a trunk, so you can take extra space to keep everything organized in the environment.

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