Velvet Dotted Lines Blanket


Bye walls! The trend of the moment is to use the two-room or integrated room, where one or more rooms in the house, usually the living room, dining room and kitchen, share the same space. But it is still possible to join this integration to the balcony, in the case of apartments, and even the home office. This integrated vision of residential spaces started with the modernist movement that prioritized integration and social coexistence, in addition to a clean and wide aesthetic. But modern architecture was not the only one responsible for leveraging the concept of two rooms. In this post you will see more about it and learn how to make a beautiful Velvet Dotted Lines Blanket.

This type of residential configuration grew and became practically unanimous with the emergence of a new market demand: small houses and apartments. The increasingly small plants ended up forcing the integration of these environments in order to make them more comfortable and visually wider for those who were going to live in these places.


How about checking out some tips on how to decorate a room with two environments? Yes, there are some tricks to make this space of the house more pleasant, beautiful and harmonious, check it out:


Free Pattern Available: Velvet Dotted Lines Blanket

Space configuration
If your home already has integration, great, it’s easier to think about decor. But if you still have a wall separating the kitchen from the living room, you will need to get rid of it – or at least turn it into a counter for example. A two-room room can be small or large. In the first case, it becomes a necessity of the architectural project, fundamental to reinforce the feeling of spaciousness of the house, in the second option, the two-room rooms become an elegant and modern alternative to the architecture of the house itself.

In general, the two rooms have a rectangular shape, but this is not a rule. So, first of all, determine the format of the space you have available, it will help you with the steps that we will see next. Furniture is an integral part of any room in the house, they bring comfort, functionality and actively participate in the decoration of the place. In the case of two rooms, the furniture also helps to demarcate the function and the limit of each space. For two small rooms, the tip is to bet on multifunctional furniture, such as retractable countertops, for example, which already help a lot. For rooms with two large and spacious rooms, care must be taken not to leave the decor too cold and impersonal, in which case it is legal to fill the room with proportionally sized furniture.

Limit between each environment
Even if they are integrated, the two rooms need to demonstrate the limit of each space, this ensures the functionality of these places and ensures the desired organization and aesthetics. Here, at this point, the furniture also becomes key pieces in the decoration. You can make this demarcation with the use of sideboards, puffs and even with the sofa. And speaking of a sofa, this is one of the most important elements of the two-room room and the tip is to define the location and size of the sofa before the other furniture so that everything happens as planned. The limits can also be drawn by a different painting on the wall, a rug or a painting, for example.

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