Noëlle Blanket


Noëlle Blanket, a perfect piece for those cold days, and one that will certainly warm up when you are watching that beautiful movie on the sofa or in the comfort of our bed. Comfortable and very beautiful, in addition, very easy to do. Beautiful stitches and colors, since the crochet gives this opportunity, so it is perfect to leave the environment charming and well decorated. For those who are starting to work with this technique, they will love to practice this beautiful piece, since it is very useful for the winter season.

The color described here is just a suggestion, after all, each person has their preference and their specific corner to place the piece, keep that in mind. It’s a very simple crochet blanket that you can start with at home, you certainly have those leftover strings, you can make them if you want.


Paying attention to the tutorial available here, even if you have some difficulty, you can make this beautiful blanket. Prepare all the necessary material with the desired color, so watch the tutorial patiently.


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Noëlle Blanket

Pattern/Images/Imagem: Haakmaarraak



Scheepjes Catona (100% mercerized cotton), 100g/250m

Scheepjes Catona Colour Pack (109 x 10g balls of all colours)

Shop the yarn!

You can find the Scheepjes Catona and Colour packs at Scheepjes retailers, or online at:

Crochet hook

3.5mm (US Size E/4).


Blocked and finished blanket measures 120 x 150cm (47 x 59in).


Motif up to Round 5 measures 7cm (2.75in) across flat to flat side, 8cm (3.15in) across point to point.



Repeat formats

Our Crew Opinion About This Noëlle Blanket

Noëlle Blanket, a beautiful blanket that will help you a lot in decorating! I’m sure you will be amazed by the beauty that this beautiful blanket has, especially this winter that is coming when you need to stay warm. With a beautiful stitch and wonderful colors that can be changed according to your will, which is great and helps a lot!

Do you want to make this beautiful Noëlle Blanket to use today? So follow the tutorial we brought you here today and I’m sure you will be able to make this wonderful Noëlle Blanket easily, everything will be amazing and very beautiful! This piece is simply wonderful and will serve you well, as well as warm you up!