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The entrance door is an indispensable item for a home, because it is responsible for the security of our home, in addition to being the business card. However, with so many models of entrance doors, indecision always hits the time to choose one that will beautify the facade of the house, in addition to making it safer. Therefore, today we will talk about entrance door models so that you can choose one that has everything to do with your home and we will offer the pattern of a beautiful Dragonfruit Starburst Quilt. Check out! As already mentioned, the main entrance door is the business card of the house and therefore it is important that it follows the same architectural style as the residential facade.

However, there are several models of the main entrance door and it needs to harmonize both with the style of the facade and with the interior of the house. Below we will talk more about some entrance door models and for sure none will fit your project, choose the one that you like the most.


The wooden entrance door is one of the most classic main entrance models, however, today they can also be found with different designs, perfect for modern house facades.

The most traditional wooden entrance door models are great for those who do not want to have difficulty in harmonizing the facade of the house with their interior, they will help you a lot in this, believe me, however, many times these entrance door models do not have any cut to bring more light into the house.


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Therefore, if your door gives access to a corridor or a darker environment, it is interesting to use the wooden entrance door like the one we saw, where although the door is more basic, the side walls are made of helping glass and a lot of luminosity.

The modern wooden entrance door models have a higher cost, however, their cutouts and details make it worthwhile, because the main entrance door becomes the great highlight on the facade.

It is important to remember that wooden doors usually require maintenance, as they are susceptible to termites and humidity, so it is important to observe how the door is painted and also the varnish.

The glass entrance door is not widely used in homes, they are more common for clinics and offices, but this does not mean that it cannot be used in homes, but in this case it is interesting to use a frosted-looking glass or even use film to bring more privacy into the residence, the final, it makes no sense to have a door that allows outsiders to see everything that is happening inside your home.

The aluminum entrance door is not the most common, however, it has its advantages as durability, after all, aluminum is a light and non-rusting material, in addition, the main entrance door made of aluminum also guarantees a visual modern and elegant, the facade may have a glossy finish or even a matte finish.

Both in more sophisticated houses, as in simple houses it is quite common to enter the more traditional model of entrance door, which is a leaf, the biggest advantage of these models of entrance doors is that they are easier to install.

Today the main entrance door with a leaf can now be found with a personalized design, if you prefer to escape the more traditional models, the limit is your imagination. The entrance door with two leaves are beautiful and give a beautiful and elegant facade to the house, however, it is important to note that these models of entrance door need a wider passage, so pay attention to that.

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