Blair Road


The bathroom is one of the environments that has the most restricted footage in homes: so many find it difficult to decorate this type of space. As the trend of apartments and houses with increasingly restricted areas is here to stay, it is more than necessary to use creative techniques and approaches when decorating the small bathroom. With some basic tips, it is possible to set up a small bathroom with a beautiful, elegant and simple decoration. In this post we’ll see more about it and make the pattern of a beautiful Blair Road available.

Remember that all the elements can make a difference in this environment, even the smallest details: the floor, the coverings, the colors, the sanitary fixtures, the decorative accessories and the arrangement of the furniture. A key tip to clean the bathroom is the use of light colors on the walls – including white, light gray, nude, fendi and other similar shades – leaving the environment well highlighted with lighting and a feeling of greater amplitude.


For those who prefer to create a contrast and highlight a point area, as is the case with many, it is recommended to use a darker floor or colored furniture. Color touches can also be added through glass inserts or with modern and irreverent accessories.


Free Pattern Available: Blair Road

Another important device is the use of mirrors along the length of one or more walls. Besides being functional, it creates an optical illusion of space extension. It can also help to check if you look good before going out. The most common coatings are glass tiles, hydraulic tiles and ceramic tiles. Ideal for small bathrooms is to apply horizontally, to the extent of the bathroom or to add a detail in the box to ensure a little depth.

Tiles and ceramics can be used with large pieces, without many details or designs, not to pollute the look, so the decoration is not heavy. In these cases, the less information the better. A cupboard or cabinet attached under the sink helps to sectorize and organize toiletries and day-to-day toiletries. Shelves can be fixed above the toilet or other free areas without disturbing circulation. In these cases, choose a lightweight material such as glass or acrylic.

An excellent tip that can yield a good extra space is to abandon a traditional door and choose a sliding door in the bathroom entrance, after all, they do not need an opening angle and do not occupy the interior space, besides being a modern alternative in decoration. So many options and tips, where will you start?

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